When Maldoror screened here last fall, it was tragically underattended, but you get a second chance to visit with the German collective which co-produced it when Filmgruppe Chaos lets fly with its latest collaboration, FAITES VOS JEUX. Raking through the cultural and political flotsam from 1970 to the present, the group has narratively assembled and hand-tortured pirated images from archives in the private and public realms, then woven in a specially created soundtrack from various artists in Europe, Asia and the USA. When you consider what the last three decades have wrought in terms of Punk, New Wave, terrorism, globalisation and collapsing skyscrapers (einstürtzende Neubauten, as it were), this could be a bracing new way to digest and metabolize the events against which we’ve careened toward our strangely improvised state of adulthood. See you at The Blinding Light!! at 8pm on Friday or Saturday (March 21/22).